1. Alexis Bonnell for Government Executive Magazine

    Date 11 Feb 2015
    As I wrap up this three-part series, my third and final shoot for the latest issue of Government Executive Magazine was at the offices of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Washington D.C. Once Rich and I got all of my equipment through the x-ray machines and cleared…

  2. Jeffrey Neal for Government Executive Magazine

    Date 10 Feb 2015
    Following up yesterday’s post, here is a look at my second of three shoots I did in December for Government Executive Magazine. For this assignment, my assistant Rich and I found ourselves at ICF International in Fairfax, VA where we photographed Jeffrey Neal. We walked through the building and eventually…

  3. Towanda Brooks for Government Executive Magazine

    Date 09 Feb 2015
    Back in December, I was asked to shoot three assignments for Government Executive Magazine’s upcoming issue. For each assignment, we had limited time with our subjects so as usual with a majority of my work, efficiency was key. I enlisted my trusty friend, Rich Kessler, for this and the other…

  4. Beef Farmers for EatingWell Magazine

    Date 05 Jan 2015
    This was a really fun assignment. Instead of an assignment, it was actually more like a mini high school reunion. You see, my subjects are former high school classmates of mine. And the article’s author, Lindsay Westley, she’s another former high school classmate. Lindsay contacted me about the article she…

  5. Goofy Portraits with my Mom and Dad

    Date 16 Dec 2014
    My parents were making a roadtrip from Pennsylvania (Yinz-country) to Florida. On their way south, they made a pit-stop and stayed here in D.C. for a couple days to break up their long journey. One night during their visit, I thought it would be fun to set up a couple…

  6. Jose Antonio Vargas for The Washington Post

    Date 01 Dec 2014
    I got a call from The Washington Post asking if I was available to photograph a portrait the next morning at the Lincoln Memorial. Luckily, I was able to push back my departure time for a trip I was making the next day and got to shoot the assignment for…

  7. Senior Portraits with My Sister in Washington D.C.

    Date 08 Oct 2014
    Late this summer, my family came to visit me in Washington D.C. While visiting, my youngest sister asked if I would be willing to take her senior portraits. I don’t normally do this type of work, but I’ll do just about anything for my family. We, including my pup Fritz,…

  8. CIA Deputy Director Avril Haines for Washingtonian Magazine

    Date 22 Sep 2014
    As I was sitting on my couch one night, I got a call from a photographer who I really look up to and admire their work a lot. “What are you doing June 7th?” he asked. Initially, all I could think was, “If anything, I’ll cancel it.” After checking my…

  9. Battle of Guadalcanal Veteran Glenn Hepler

    Date 03 Sep 2014
    As I mentioned last week, I was fortunate enough to photograph two WWII veterans while visiting my hometown in western Pennsylvania. Thanks to a good friend from high school, he put in touch with his grandfather, Glenn Hepler, who served in the 260th Ordnance Medium Maintenance Company. While working with…

  10. Battle of Okinawa Veteran Bob Miller

    Date 26 Aug 2014
    A couple weeks ago, I traveled to Pennsylvania to visit my family and celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday. If time and schedules allowed it, I thought that it would also be a great opportunity to meet and photograph WWII veterans who live in my hometown. Asking around on Facebook, I…

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