1. Photographing the Civil War Bucktails of Pennsylvania

    Date 21 Nov 2016
    After two years of coordination and extensive research, I finally got to photograph a personal project that is very dear to me.  It was one of those projects that kept me up late at night while lying in bed anxiously thinking about the portraits and how they would look in…

  2. Outdoor Bridal Portraits with My Adventurous Wife

    Date 20 Sep 2016
    The moment I saw her walking down the aisle, my eyes started to fill with tears.  At that moment and to this day, she was the most beautiful thing that I had laid my eyes on.  In six days, that will have been exactly one year ago.  To celebrate our…

  3. Product Shot of Adidas Messi 16.3 Soccer Shoes

    Date 19 Sep 2016
    I’m always looking for ways to combine my hobbies with photography.  I grew up playing soccer and continued to through my high school years while also playing a bit in college.  After those oh so distant college years though, I stopped playing.  Now that I’m in my early thirties, I…

  4. Photographing Landscapes in the Pacific Northwest

    Date 01 Jun 2016
    Next to photography, being outdoors and in the mountains is one of my favorite things in the world.  Up until a few years ago, I never really traveled by plane which obviously limited the places I could see.  After a subtle push from my good friend, Jason, I’ve changed that…

  5. Hell’s Angels B-17 Top Turret Gunner Donald Conley

    Date 26 Jan 2016
    The last couple months of 2015 got to be so busy that I unfortunately did not have much time for personal work.  With the start of the new year, I’m trying to make it a point to shoot more of what I really enjoy.  That of course includes continuing to…

  6. U.S. Government Accountability Office for Government Executive Magazine

    Date 11 Jan 2016
    Before I jumped into the world of self-employment, I would walk past the U.S. Government Accountability Office every day on my way to and from my full-time job.  It always struck me as a very plain looking building, and the street level offices always looked so boring.  I don’t know…

  7. Rob Bagnall for Nextgov

    Date 03 Nov 2015
    When I first got asked to photograph Rob Bagnall who works in cybersecurity, I thought of a dark server room, blinking LED lights, and computer screens everywhere.  What the assignment turned out to be was pretty much the exact opposite and in a very good unique way. Bagnall has a…

  8. Nicole Lurie for Government Executive Magazine

    Date 26 Oct 2015
    Back in August, I visited the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services to photograph Nicole Lurie who is the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response.  When talking with the team at Government Executive Magazine, we decided that we wanted to shoot in a lighter more airy style in addition…

  9. Charles Elliott for Multifamily Executive Magazine

    Date 19 Oct 2015
    Wow!  It has been a really long time since I’ve had a chance to write about my recent work.  In that time though, I traveled throughout Germany for two weeks and returned to the U.S. to get married a week later.  After that, it was off to Key West for…

  10. Photographing the 2015 Washington Kastles Season

    Date 17 Aug 2015
    So last year, I wrote about the Washington Kastles winning their fourth straight WTT Championship.  Well, this year, I’m writing about the Kastles doing something no other team in WTT history has ever done.  Win five straight.  In a city where history is made and etched in stone, the Kastles…

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