My name is Willis. I'm a portrait and documentary photographer based in Washington DC. I work both in studio and on location. When possible, I love pursuing personal work to keep myself creative and to try new things. 

Over the years, photography has introduced me to several amazing individuals. Some of who are now my closest friends. 

I love taking trips to the mountains and staying at my family's cabin. Sitting around a fire at night is where you can do some of your best thinking. 

Photographer Recreates Civil War Era Portraits
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A Touching Veteran Portrait Series In Honor Of D-Day
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Verlorene Nacht - NZZ am Sonntag | Zürich, Switzerland
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Music: Mumford & Sons, Faded Paper Figures
Food: "I'll have the burger...with a mountain of bacon on top."
Beer: Paulaner Hefe-Weizen
Sport: Soccer
TV Shows: Stranger Things, Cheers, The Office

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