Everywhere, forever a Mainer

It calls out to be explored.
White pines stand where they have grown for hundreds of years.
The wind speaks as it passes through the trees.
Everywhere, evergreen.
Rocky coastlines meet the cold blue Atlantic waters.
Climbers reach upwards as lobstermen pull from below.
Everywhere, a connection.
A connection to be made with nature.

It pulls us in.
Coastal towns are dotted throughout this land of wondrous beauty.
Guests are embraced as kindness knows no bounds.
Everywhere, a friend to be made.
Streets and waterways lay rich in old history.
History built of blood, wood, and stone.
Everywhere, a story to be told.
A story to be passed onto others.

Arrive as a guest.
Depart as a Mainer.
Everywhere, forever a Mainer.

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