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  1. Bradley Beal for FNV Ad Campaign

    2019-05-20 16:37:45 UTC

    In September 2018, a day or two before the Washington Wizards’ media day, I was contacted about photographing Bradley Beal for an interesting campaign promoting healthy eating for FNV and Partnership for a Healthier America.  Taking a look at their website and seeing stars like Jessica Alba, Rob Gronkowski, and…

  2. Product Shot of Adidas Messi 16.3 Soccer Shoes

    2016-09-19 18:56:00 UTC

    I’m always looking for ways to combine my hobbies with photography.  I grew up playing soccer and continued to through my high school years while also playing a bit in college.  After those oh so distant college years though, I stopped playing.  Now that I’m in my early thirties, I…

  3. Photographing the 2015 Washington Kastles Season

    2015-08-17 17:06:00 UTC

    So last year, I wrote about the Washington Kastles winning their fourth straight WTT Championship.  Well, this year, I’m writing about the Kastles doing something no other team in WTT history has ever done.  Win five straight.  In a city where history is made and etched in stone, the Kastles…

  4. Photographing the 2014 Washington Kastles Season

    2014-08-05 16:38:15 UTC

    For the fourth straight year in a row, I’ve had the incredible opportunity of working with the Washington Kastles tennis team here in D.C. I remember sitting on the court during my very first match in 2011, turning to my friend and fellow photographer Rich Kessler, and asking, “Wouldn’t it…

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