Horse Farm Portraits in Virginia

Originally Published April 10, 2013

Last week, I had the opportunity of photographing Clare and Lizzie where they work at Pacific Farms in Virginia. I always enjoy getting to meet new people and learning about the work they do, so I reached out to them about photographing them. They were thrilled with the idea so I drove out, and I had my good friend Mike Burns come along to assist me.

This was the first shoot I’ve done that included pretty sizable animals. Unlike photographing Fritz, I couldn’t just pick up the horses and put them wherever I wanted. Fortunately though, the horses were incredibly easy to work with and were not startled by my lights. A huge thanks goes out to Clare and Lizzie for handling them so well and making them look their best in the photos.

Growing up in western Pennsylvania, the sights and smells on the farm were nothing new to me. If I closed my eyes, I could have easily believed that I was home. It was a refreshing change from life in D.C., and it left me itching for another trip to the mountains.

Thanks again Clare and Lizzie for having us out, and a big thanks to Mike for assisting.

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