1. A Week in Yellowstone National Park

    2014-05-07 13:59:21 UTC
    Originally Published July 1, 2013 I recently spent an entire week in Yellowstone National Park. Never being farther west than Ohio, I knew I was in store for the most breath-taking scenery I’ve ever laid eyes on. I just didn’t anticipate my expectations to be blown away as much as…

  2. Horse Farm Portraits in Virginia

    2014-05-07 13:38:13 UTC
    Originally Published April 10, 2013 Last week, I had the opportunity of photographing Clare and Lizzie where they work at Pacific Farms in Virginia. I always enjoy getting to meet new people and learning about the work they do, so I reached out to them about photographing them. They were…

  3. Welder Portrait in Pennsylvania

    2014-05-07 13:17:59 UTC
    Originally Published March 26, 2013 While in Pennsylvania, I made a spontaneous decision to shoot this portrait of a welder named Kenny. I’ve wanted to add something like this to my work for some time, and I jumped on the opportunity to make it finally happen. Mixing the flame with…

  4. Beard and Tattoo Portraits

    2014-05-07 13:06:23 UTC
    Originally Published March 19, 2013 I recently spent a week in Pennsylvania and had the chance to photograph these two crazy looking guys. Meet Richard and Jake. Don’t let their looks fool you. These guys are incredibly nice and were wonderful to work with. We got some great shots and…

  5. Sleep in Transit - Napping on the DC Metro

    2014-05-06 21:35:58 UTC
    Originally Published November 27, 2012 The Washington D.C. Metrorail reports that its system saw an average of 743,961 weekday passengers in 2011. Despite their destinations, passengers sometimes view their time on the trains as an opportunity to catch a few extra moments of sleep. In the presence of their fellow…

  6. My 30 Second Photoshoot with Leon Panetta

    2014-05-06 19:19:33 UTC
    Originally Published on July 4, 2012 I was going to wait until next week to share this story, but it seems fitting with today being the Fourth of July. Basically, this was my most amazing moment as a photographer thus far. The funny thing is, the moment only lasted for…

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