Phaedra Chrousos for Government Executive Magazine

You may have noticed, but I’ve been doing a lot of work for Government Executive Magazine lately.  The following assignment for them took me to the offices of the U.S. General Services Administration in DC where I would photograph Phaedra Chrousos.  

I typically like to arrive at a location at least 30 minutes before the shoot time so I can scout it out and see what it has to offer.  With the art director not able to make it out for the assignment, I was sending her photos via text messages of the different areas I was offered to shoot in.  Once my escort showed me the third and final option, I knew it was it.  I sent a photo of it to my art director and got almost an immediate response, “YES!”  

I got my gear set up and dialed in the lighting.  Now I just needed to wait for my subject to arrive.  Chrousos was a bit delayed due to a meeting she was in at the White House that had gone longer than scheduled.  With the extra time, I walked the area again looking at different ways I could frame the shots instead of doing it on the fly.  With the plan in place, Chrousos arrived and we got started.

I absolutely loved the location we shot in.  All of the glass looks great and the metal beams added to the already interesting environment.  With so much glass though, I just had to be mindful of reflections and where I had my light placed.  

In the end, the editors went with a vertical image that focused more on Chrousos for the article. 

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