Photographing Portraits in a Small Space

Lately, I’ve been working on photographing more studio portraits.  I enjoy this type of work but don’t have a large studio space available to work in unless I wanted to rent one.  As an alternative, I have been using my small home office as a shooting space.  With my desk lining one side of the room, I have just enough room to hang a six foot wide backdrop.  I’m using every inch of my space and to do so, I even remove the lightbulb from the ceiling fan so I can raise my light an extra 3-4 inches above my subject.  The only major limitation I have is that my space isn’t the most ideal for shooting full-length portraits as you’ll be able to see below.  Like a lot of photographers, I crave having my own studio some day with an abundant amount of space, high ceilings, and some awesome aged wood floors.  Until that hopefully happens, I’m up for the challenge of rocking the hell out of my little space.

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