Senior Portraits with My Sister in Washington D.C.

Late this summer, my family came to visit me in Washington D.C. While visiting, my youngest sister asked if I would be willing to take her senior portraits. I don’t normally do this type of work, but I’ll do just about anything for my family. We, including my pup Fritz, got in the car and headed out into the city. I could have easily photographed her on the National Mall in front of the various monuments, but I didn’t want her portraits to have a touristy vibe to them. Instead, I took my family to a little less known spot in D.C., the United States National Arboretum. Not crawling with crowds of people, it was the perfect place.

It was my first time actually checking out this spot, and I was quite impressed. I had seen pictures online of how it looked but was always curious to see it in person. Despite my sister’s love for sleeping in, we got there early enough in the morning so the light was great, and we weren’t trying to work around anyone else taking pictures. As we were leaving, I noticed that the columns were a major hot-spot for other photographers. I just turned to my sister and said, “See why we had to get here so early in the morning?” Big brother always knows best, haha! Here’s just a few of what we got from that fun morning.

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