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  1. Outdoor Bridal Portraits with My Adventurous Wife

    2016-09-20 15:04:00 UTC

    The moment I saw her walking down the aisle, my eyes started to fill with tears.  At that moment and to this day, she was the most beautiful thing that I had laid my eyes on.  In six days, that will have been exactly one year ago.  To celebrate our…

  2. Photographing Landscapes in the Pacific Northwest

    2016-06-01 16:08:00 UTC

    Next to photography, being outdoors and in the mountains is one of my favorite things in the world.  Up until a few years ago, I never really traveled by plane which obviously limited the places I could see.  After a subtle push from my good friend, Jason, I’ve changed that…

  3. Beef Farmers for EatingWell Magazine

    2015-01-05 17:04:33 UTC

    This was a really fun assignment. Instead of an assignment, it was actually more like a mini high school reunion. You see, my subjects are former high school classmates of mine. And the article’s author, Lindsay Westley, she’s another former high school classmate. Lindsay contacted me about the article she…

  4. Deer Hunter Portraits in Allegheny National Forest

    2014-05-07 14:47:12 UTC

    Originally Published November 26, 2013 For most people, Christmas is the holiday that follows Thanksgiving. However, if you’re a hunter, the next holiday on the calendar is the first day of deer season. Each year in November, my college friends and I head up to my family’s cabin in Pennsylvania…

  5. Kayaker Portraits at Great Falls Park

    2014-05-07 14:21:19 UTC

    Originally Published September 24, 2013 The outdoors and photography are both things that I truly enjoy. Bringing those two interests together is something that I’ve been wanting to do more of lately. Throughout the summer, I had the idea of photographing portraits of kayakers at Great Falls Park. After some…

  6. A Week in Yellowstone National Park

    2014-05-07 13:59:21 UTC

    Originally Published July 1, 2013 I recently spent an entire week in Yellowstone National Park. Never being farther west than Ohio, I knew I was in store for the most breath-taking scenery I’ve ever laid eyes on. I just didn’t anticipate my expectations to be blown away as much as…

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