Beef Farmers for EatingWell Magazine

This was a really fun assignment. Instead of an assignment, it was actually more like a mini high school reunion. You see, my subjects are former high school classmates of mine. And the article’s author, Lindsay Westley, she’s another former high school classmate. Lindsay contacted me about the article she was going to be writing for EatingWell Magazine and asked if I would be interested in photographing Darren and Loren Elder on their farm.

The shoot would need to happen on Christmas Eve 2013 in our hometown where the Elder’s farm is. As it turned out, I was planning on visiting my family in Pennsylvania for Christmas, so I would be in the area. I packed my gear in the car along with all the Christmas gifts and made my way there.

Early in the morning on Christmas Eve, my dad and I made our way to Elder’s farm. Luckily, there was snow on the ground which was great for the story Lindsay was writing. It was bitter cold and everyone was bundled up in their Carhartts. The snow eventually started to fall again making for some really great portraits of Darren and Loren standing with their cows. It’s been a year since photographing them, and I’m excited to finally share the portraits and see them get recognized for the great work they’re doing.

It was the first time that I can recall seeing everyone since graduating high school, and it was so nice seeing that they’ve been doing so well and are successful. Before we left the farm, I rounded us up for a group photo in front of the caveman and dinosaur figures that stand in the front yard of the farmhouse. For those not familiar with the area, the caveman and dinosaur are unofficial landmarks in New Wilmington, PA, and I wasn’t going to miss out on the photo opportunity.

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